David Lane grew up in a Christian family on a farm in Western Australia. This environment set the foundations of his relationship with God; however, he had many unanswered spiritual questions that challenged him to seek knowledge beyond the Christian tradition. This searching was put on the backburner when he settled into life as a farmer, married with a son and a daughter. In his early thirties, some thirty-four years ago, he embarked on a serious search for a much deeper understanding of the spiritual purpose of life and how God operates. David spent several years as a healer before becoming preoccupied with writing.  This book represents the biggest picture he has gained so far, and there is no doubt that his journey into ever-higher understandings will continue until the end. 

“Working with David has been nothing short of transformational. Even if you apply a small amount of what David has to offer in this book then I am sure you will reap the benefits in your life”

Renee Kaczmarczyk LLB, BCom.




"David reminds us of the true and fundamental principal that the world we experience is a direct reflection of our beliefs of our self, and to understand the world we see we can only start by looking within."

Miranda Plum. Artist