The Law of Attraction

Excerpt from: A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

This universal law states that like attracts like and opposites repel each other. It is hugely influential over the human race. Humans are generally attracted to like-minded people. Groups of people are drawn together because of their similar interests. We normally prefer to mix with people who think the same way we do, and the more we have in common, the likelier we are to build strong friendships. This happens on all levels. For example, people who uphold the law tend to come together, while criminals are attracted to each other. People of strong spiritual beliefs mix, while people who oppose spirituality tend to mingle. People with strong similar political persuasions network together, to name but a few examples.

Let’s consider how this energy of attraction operates.

Energy is naturally cyclical— it will always return to the point at which it was created. Our mind continuously generates either positive or negative energies, but never at the same time. Every thought that you produce is either positive or negative. Thought patterns are formed from individual thoughts. You have the ability to control what you think on the conscious level. But you are not consciously in control of the thoughts that your subconscious mind generates in any given moment. Your subconscious mind generates a far greater percentage of your total thoughts than your conscious mind does.

It is easy enough to recognize what we consciously think by applying self-observation. Almost everyone regularly reflects on their thoughts. We can also control what we are thinking and make choices about what we want to think about. But what about our subconscious thoughts? Since most of our thoughts are happening at a subconscious level, it’s advantageous to have some tools to help us recognize what thoughts we are generating from there.

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