Religions, Spiritual Organizations, and Movements

Excerpt from: A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

Religions, Spiritual Organizations, and Movements Religions, spiritual organizations, and movements have the greatest influence over the ways in which many humans choose to relate or not to relate to God. Like everything in creation, these organizations have positive and negative aspects to them. They offer many wonderful concepts on how we should live. Problems arise, however, when religions, organizations, or movements teach that their beliefs about God are so sacred that they cannot be challenged. The danger of this dogma is that it creates a type of “blind faith” wherein the beliefs of the followers are controlled by the hierarchy of the church or organization. This approach does not allow humans to use their God-given gifts of intuition and reason. It interferes with our rights and duty to search for deeper understandings of the Creator and how the Creator operates. Which statement makes more sense to you? “This is the truth and that is the end of it”; or, “This is the truth that we have come to understand so far; however, there may be a better understanding.” Hopefully, the latter!

When examining religions from the outside, people often feel puzzled by the different descriptions of God’s characteristics and activities and by the respective laws of creation. Some religions believe that these rules are God’s commandments. Religious principles are meant to bring the human race together, to live in harmony and peace, plus ideally guide us towards our Creator. Sometimes the interpretations of these principles do the opposite. They create great divisions within society and between different sects and religions. This can be very disheartening, because religions have a lot to offer and have provided us with some wonderful truths and principles by which to live.

Among some religious followers, there also seems to be a misconception that their God needs defending. A lesser God might need defending but God, the Creator of the universes, definitely does not need defending from Its creations. If God did not like an aspect of Its creation, then It could change that aspect into something It did like. For example, if evil was not acceptable, it simply would not be allowed to exist. Everything in creation has a higher purpose and evil is no exception. It is only our inability to understand the big picture that confines us to fearing evil. Evil has its purpose and the more we understand that purpose, the less we will fear it. On the other hand, the more we fear it, the further away our consciousness is from our Creator.

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A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

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