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Excerpt from: A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

We are truth seekers. Truth is a term generally associated with fact or reality. It could be said that the truth is the truth and it does not change. However, our perception of the truth can change. What may be the truth for one person may not be for another. On the surface, these statements can be confusing, because if the truth is the truth, how can it vary? It would be better to say that there are different kinds of truth that fall into three basic categories.

1. The Absolute Truth, or the Undeniable Truth, which Can Be Seen as Fact. Absolute truths never change. In other words, one plus one equals two. No matter what ever happens in the world, even if we find a more efficient system for addition, one plus one will always make two. It is an undeniable fact. Another simple example is that the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west. We have undeniable proof of that.

2. Truths That Are Not Absolute and Are Open to Challenge.

Truths that aren’t absolute and are open to challenge are influenced by our perceptions and belief systems. This category of truths is accepted as reality until proven otherwise. For example, there was a time when humans believed that the world was flat and that sailing far enough in one direction would cause an explorer to fall off the edge. It may seem absurd now, but people really believed this and many would have argued that it was a fact. It was believed to be real and so in those times it would have been generally categorized as truth associated with fact. However, this belief was proved to be wrong and, therefore, not an absolute truth like most people thought; it was only a perceived truth.

3. Truths That Can Be Seen as Undeniable Fact and That Are Not Absolute. Believe it or not, a truth that can be seen as undeniable and that is not absolute is that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. This phenomenon is accepted by nearly everyone as an absolute truth, because in our experience the sun has always done this and, therefore, we believe it always will. But will it? Most people would say yes. However, there is scientific evidence that indicates the earth’s rotational speed has slowed to a critical stage, which supports the possibility and prediction that the rotation of the earth could stall. There are ancient myths and records that indicate this happened thousands of years ago. The earth stalled on its rotation and started spinning in the opposite direction. This makes way for the potential that the sun could rise in the west and set in the east. Now we have category one and category two truths encapsulated in one situation. It is a fact that our short-term, recorded history tells us the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. But it is not a fact that it will continue to do so. This is an example of how many people’s personal truths deny the probability of another possibility. We confuse our personal truths with absolute truth. Just because 99.99 percent of the population may believe something is true does not make it an absolute truth.

Personal Truth

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A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

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