A New Paradigm

Excerpt from: A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

To let the new in, we need to let the old go. This does not mean that we disregard everything that has gone before. Human consciousness has come a long way and we have experienced much fear, pain, confusion, love, happiness, and wisdom along the way. We have learnt so much in some areas and have learnt so little in others. Humanity basically understands that we can live in peace and harmony but, in the main, this understanding remains merely a concept. We don’t apply these principles and put them into practice. There is something so fundamentally wrong that we are in danger of destroying ourselves; meanwhile, we are on the brink of creating a major positive shift in consciousness about who we are and our higher purpose.

Science and technology are testimonies to the brilliance of the human mind. However, we’ve struggled to keep up with the exploration of our spiritual side. It is as though we have almost forgotten about the importance of our relationship with each other and creation itself as we continue our pursuit of materialism and the control of our environment. We need to reverse this trend, and can do so by uniting the more subjective approach of spiritual teachings and the very objective approach of science, to understand the higher truths of creation. There are many parallels between scientific research and spiritual truths and we need to bridge the gap.

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A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

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