Energy and the Creative Process

Excerpt from: A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

Consciousness of the Creator The Mind of the Creator caused everything in creation to come into being. The universe and all that exists were created by the creative force of this one mind. The creative force underlies all forms of energy or consciousness in the universes. It is the life force that animates consciousness. The fundamental structure and characteristics of the creative force are held in its energy, which is in everything that has been created. Everything in creation is a hologram of the Creator because it is composed of the same energy.

The consciousness of the Creator vibrates at a very high frequency. Although we have the potential to experience this consciousness, it is impossible to measure using our human technology. The higher our vibration becomes, the more closely our personal consciousness aligns with that of the Creator. A basic understanding of the principles of energy, which both affect and are affected by our levels of consciousness, is of importance.

Understanding how energy affects our everyday life will also reveal why our life either works the way we want it to or doesn’t. It will also help us understand how we can create the life that we want. It is one thing to know that we can change our life and affect other forms of energy with our thoughts, but we usually need a reason for changing. The bigger the change, the profounder the reason needs to be. If we know the principles that underlie how we create outcomes and learn how they work, then we will be better armed to control the process.

Nikola Tesla (1856– 1943) was a famous inventor and physicist who had a significant influence on how we understand the workings of energy today. He is reported to have said, “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

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A Guidebook for a New Humanity: Awakening Your Higher Consciousness

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