Book Launch - Guidebook for a New Humanity

This month has been the culmination of several years work with the launch of my new book - Guidebook for a New Humanity.

In this book, I'll help you discover a roadmap for a life of purpose.

In a time of unprecedented change, how do we go beyond old patterns and meet humanity’s challenges from a new perspective?

How can we harness ancient spiritual laws that quantum science is now demonstrating, too, and apply them to our lives?

A Guidebook for a New Humanity offers a step-by-step guide, including practical exercises that teach us how to build personal awareness, identify patterns of thought and behaviour that may be holding us back, and work with higher forces to fulfill the potential of our lives. This illuminating book provides tools to increase the vibration of our consciousness on a personal level and demonstrates how individual actions reverberate through the universe. Showing a way forward to a world of greater compassion and spiritual advancement, A Guidebook for a New Humanity is an inspirational manual to begin or continue the journey of mastery over our lives.

Please click through to my Website to start you journey today.

A Guidebook to a New Humanity is now available on Amazon n Kindle and Paperback.

David Lane


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