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It has been obvious for some time that Social Media is on the rise so there is nothing new there. It always had the potential to have a great impact on the way we communicate and the speed in which we can share information. The use of smart phones with their rapidly increasing the high tech / high quality cameras are capturing so much information in real time and communicating it around the world almost as quick as it is occurring.

The way human consciousness is being affected by this phenomenon may not be eye opening for those savvy participators, however; there are many of us who did not appreciate its potential in sharing information, ideas and people’s perceptions on topical subjects. As with all things there is a positive and negative side to everything and in this case; both have a very powerful impact.

I would like to comment on a very positive effect that the social media is having. It is the ability to bring people together in great numbers for a very positive common cause. Much larger numbers of people are gathering to share and express their love based compassion and emotions at such short notice. This has been very noticeable after the recent terrorist attacks around the world. Probably the greatest was after the recent terrorist attacks in France. The aftermath could have triggered revenge and cries for retaliation. Instead; we witnessed a mass march for peace. This march had a huge positive impact on the rest of the world.

It would not have been possible to amass such numbers through the normal media because the media moguls tend to demand a sensationalised reporting of the event. This often triggers (intentionally of otherwise) anger – not love and compassion. Even the organisations related to peace could not organise such a response in such a short time. It is amazing as much as it is exciting to see the positive effects of the social media.

David Lane


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