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How do you attain financial or spiritual wealth and gain greater control of your life?Maybe you are after happiness, better health or relationships? You will inspire and influence others if you attain some or all of these goals. How do you get there? One of the ways is by understanding how to monitor the effects of your subconscious thought patterns.

We all have an inbuilt self-monitoring system that will tell us how positive and negative our ‘subconscious thoughts’ are. It is a tool that we can use to help us shake off the Karmic patterns that hold our spiritual evolution back. There are two fundamental factors that contribute to raising our vibrations. The first is the most popular and that is by becoming more positively aware and being more loving of ourselves and others. The other is shaking the ‘negative monkey off our back’ by healing the negativity and Karmic patterns of our life. This Article is about dealing with the monkey!

It is relatively easy to deal with negative conscious thought patterns simply because we are aware that they exist, but what about the subconscious ones. We create Subconscious thoughts at a far greater rate than we do our conscious and our future is directly affected by this same ratio. Thoughts create - thoughts are energy – energy always does cycles – thoughts will always come back to us in some shape form. The trick is to use the information that the returning energy is showing us. We will always be having positive and negative experiences. The positive side to the negative experience is that it is reflecting a thought pattern back to us. Many people struggle to see the depth of the information held in the experience; especially when it is emotionally painful.

Dealing with Negative information

One way is to understand that our belief systems are generating the negative thoughts. We are not our Belief systems so therefore we do not need to identify our self worth by what we believe. Most of our ‘core beliefs’ are downloaded into our long term memory before we are four years old. This is before the age when we have the ability to reason. Therefore we have taken other people’s beliefs on and identified them as ours. Nothing is further from the truth; they are not ours so we do not need to feel guilty or a lesser person just because we have negative and faulty beliefs. It is paramount to realise that who we think we are, our perceptions and judgements about right and wrong come from the beliefs held in the long term memory. We are free to identify with them and claim them as our own but we can also realise that we are not our beliefs.

Do any of your beliefs cause confusion, conflict or pain? If they do then they do not serve your higher good. The highest truths will always have clarity and create harmony, balance and inner peace. We all need to clean out the closet containing unwanted beliefs.

Capitalising on the ‘feedback loop’

We know that we are all creating subconscious negative thought patterns that come back to us. We also know that if they cause us any emotional pain, they must be reflecting a negative within us. Karmic freedom comes by monitoring our reaction to the incoming information and then capitalising on what it is showing us. There are two stages to our reactions. The first is the initial spontaneous uncontrolled response. I.e. anger or hurt. The second is the controlled response which cuts in once we have had time to consciously process how we want to respond. The clue to our subconscious negative belief and its karma lies in the first response! This comes from our survival mode which is an automatic reaction that comes from our beliefs and perceptions. If the responses of the first and second stages are the same then it means that our subconscious and conscious thought patterns are the same.

The first response often happens so quickly that we usually miss it because we have trained our self to suppress it. We need to practise becoming aware of it. The second response is the one that most people are familiar with and it often has more to do with how we want to be or be seen. It does not necessarily correspond to our deeper negative truth. We can utilise this ‘feedback loop’ by self monitoring our initial response to uncover our hidden negative beliefs. It is very helpful to remember that we are not our beliefs so we don’t need to feel bad about having them.

Feeling guilty or a lesser person because of our negatives gives them power over us. We need to own them but not identify our self worth by them. Our spiritual freedom comes with rising above them and not fearing or suppressing them. As I have pointed out in previous articles; Beliefs can be changed!

Integrating the understanding of the feedback loop is very important you want to attain financial or spiritual wealth and gain greater control of your life, happiness, better health or relationships. You will have an effect on others by inspiring and influencing them if you attain some or all of these goals.

David Lane


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