Exercise in Personal Power: How to change your thought patterns

If you want to gain greater control of your life, have spiritual and financial wealth, happiness, better relationships and health thus inspire and influence others then being able to change your thought patterns is an essential tool.

This exercise is about changing an old unwanted belief (perception) into a desired new one. It is best to do this exercise on a minor issue first because the old negative will be easier to erase from your Long Term Memory. Try to find a negative thought pattern that is not too much of a problem for you. When you have success on a small issue then you are more likely to have the confidence that this exercise will actually work for you.

The more charge that you have on a problem; the more it will be imbedded in your Long Term Memory therefore; more effort or energy will be required to change it.

What happens in the brain during this reprogramming process?

Remember that the original or core belief is like the soft ware in a computer. If you remove the software; the computer will have nothing to process the new incoming against. Therefore we need to keep the original information. However; we can remove all the information that is associated to it. The core belief by itself does not have the same power without all the other associated experiences that have been added to its energy over time. If we remove the associated experiences and their contributing energy then we will find that the core belief is a whole lot easier to manage or control.

We have always had the ability to suppress thoughts that cause us emotional pain. Many of us, particularly males, were trained to be brave and emotionally tough. We did this by learning to suppress any emotions that were perceived to be weak, including crying and being timid. We are all masters at suppressing and we can suppress emotion or memory to the point where we are not conscious of them anymore. However, as was stated; although they are hidden in the subconscious they are still energy and generating thought patterns which create outcomes.

The aim of this exercise is to identify the problem thought patterns and then be prepared to face them head on knowing that you can change them. You no longer need to fear them by avoiding, denying them or suppressing the fear based emotions that they generate. Once you have recognized the negative energy associated with a particular belief then you need to find the opposite positive that you want to have or be. It is very important to think about what positive you want to have before you start

Let's Begin

A lot of effort and emotion needs to go into embedding the new belief. The success of this exercise depends on how committed you are to changing your belief.

Step 1:

Recognising the negative emotion. When you allow the negative to live or be real by feeling it or expressing it in a responsible way, you are actually owning and not fearing it. (After all, it is a part of you whether you accept or deny it.) This puts you in charge of your emotion instead of it being in charge of you. …. In other words; the emotion starts to lose its hidden power over you.

Step 2:

Choose a new positive of how you want to think. It needs to be the opposite polarity and power (or intensity) to the negative thought that you are replacing. Imagine how you will be in this new state and Feel the new emotion. Feeling the positive emotion is the key to creating the new belief therefore - ‘the more you feel the new emotion – the more powerful the change will be’ You can use your imagination to exaggerate your new belief in order to activate more positive emotion and energy. Remember to keep it realistic or believable.

Step 3

Choose to change. Take control by using your own power and authority:

“I Now Stop thinking (feeling, acting, etc.) like………….” (Feel the negative emotion for 15 seconds or more)

“I now choose to think (feel, act, etc) like………..” (Feel the positive emotion for 15 seconds or more)

Repeat steps 1-3 several times , you will notice that after a few times of bringing up the negative, it starts to lose its power over you and it gets a little harder to feel or find as its energy starts to lessen. What happens when you face your fear; you are actually seeing through the illusion that it exists. By avoiding it gives the fear power over you – by facing it gives you power over the fear.

The energy associated with the negative core belief lessens and the energy of the new belief is re-enforced each time you repeat steps 1 to 3.

Remember, the more emotion you activate - the quicker the results.

Eventually the power of the new belief will be stronger that the power of the old belief. Once you get to this point then you will get to a place where you are acting and reacting from the new positive belief that you have instilled in your long term memory

Remember; really feel both the negative and positive emotions each time you re-visit them! - Use stronger imagination if you need to generate a more powerful positive or negative emotion.

How long does it take to override the old negative belief system?

It depends on how strongly or deeply it is embedded in the long term memory, how much you erase it and how much the new positive belief is embedded into your Long Term Memory.

So please remember that if you want to gain greater control of your life, have spiritual and financial wealth, happiness, better relationships and health thus inspire and influence others then being able to change your thought patterns is an essential tool to have. Please do not underestimate the unlimited magnificent power of your mind.

David Lane


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