Blogpost: Do you believe in luck?

Do you want to gain greater control of your life, have spiritual and financial wealth, happiness, better relationships and health thus inspire and influence others? If so; you need more than just luck!

Humans generally accept that luck is something that happens and it is created by forces outside of their control. Sometimes we are lucky and sometimes we are not! Being or feeling lucky usually creates a positive state of mind, whereas; being or feeling unlucky creates a state of negativity. There is not normally too much of a problem with the odd bit of bad luck so long as we can rise above it, let it go and not let it affect us in the longer term.

A string of good luck has the ability to ignite a level of confidence that it may continue and if the pattern continues then we have the potential to BELIEVE that it will continue to happen. Thus; a new mind set develops and we start to believe that we are lucky people. The fact that we believe this generates more luck because our thoughts are contributing to this reality. Some people have so much luck in their life that they are said to have been born under a lucky star. All this is great if you are one of these people – life is good!

The problem arises if you are one of the opposites and consider yourself to be a very unlucky person. A string of bad luck is normally very disempowering and your ‘Personal Power’ may seem like an unattainable dream. How do you shake this state of mind because the very word luck insinuates that it is outside of your control - Bad luck just happens!

Now consider this; luck is a word that humans created to describe some things that happen but have no understandable reason for being so. You may be thinking; “so what has this to do with me?” What if there is no such thing as luck. Instead; we are in charge and control of everything that happens in our life – good and bad. We create everything! This concept is easier to swallow when we look at the good things but it not so palatable when we look at the negatives in our life. This reality can be and usually is very challenging indeed. However; it has the potential to be one of the most empowering realisations that we may ever have.

Once we own that we create everything in our life then we create a state of mind where we can change what we don’t want. This is a whole lot more empowering than staying a victim to forces that seem to be outside our control. The world is full of victims who complain about and blame their employees, their work mates, their parents, spouse, siblings, children. If that is not enough then they turn to blaming their unfortunate situation on the government, life, God or the creator and so the blame game grows. This avoids them from owning the painful reality that MAYBE they are the cause.

Once we own that we created all the negativity in our life then (and only then) we will be able to take charge and change it. Do you want to be in charge of your life and express your personal power?

If you want to know how to change a belief that is causing you grief then please read the article on ‘How to change your thought patterns’.

David Lane


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